Hi, I'm Betsy Wallace

I'm a podcast producer, co-host of a weekly podcast cooking show with my sister, and founder of Capsule Podcast. I'm dedicated to helping you podcast like a PR Pro. What does that mean?

With the Capsule Podcast framework, you'll create a podcast that strategically builds a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your customers and clients.

I'll show you how to use a podcast to deliver outstanding value to your audience so that you can achieve your business goals. 

"I can't imagine a better person to collaborate with to bring something I've always wanted to do...to life"

Listen to emPower PR Group founder, Stephanie Feger's The Empowered Author Podcast to hear more about how a Capsule Podcast changed her business. 


"I love being able to tell my story in a short, easy to listen format...

Betsy made everything so easy and I loved the finished product. I feel like she really captured the essence of my brand. Capsule Podcast is the best!

 - Katie Miller, Founder and weaver at Revival Handwoven

Let's Get Started! 

Experience Matters

When you're strategically building your business, experience matters and finding trusted experts is key. 

As a working producer, I bring to the table all of the lessons learned from producing, hosting and editing 300+ episodes, interviewing New York Times Bestselling authors, recording live with chefs on location in Rome, Italy and in the foothills of Appalachian mountains.

As a teacher and consultant, I've been thrilled to see the launch of our client and students' Capsule Podcasts into the world. The Capsule Podcast framework is a proven strategy for building brands. 

Prior to launching Capsule Podcast, I worked in communications for State of Wisconsin, managed political campaigns and spent 10 years specializing in corporate governance and board development for non profits.

I'm a proud Badger, with an undergraduate degree in German Linguistics and Political Science and an MBA in strategy from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.  



Capsule Podcast Course

Let's create a podcast that will grow your business. The Capsule Podcast Course In this program you will:

  • Plan a strategy driven Capsule Podcast to build your brand
  • Use our exclusive template + sound library to build your episodes
  • Record your Podcast
  • Edit + Publish your Podcast
  • Learn how to use your podcast in your business: embed a player on your website, publish to Apple Podcasts +Spotify, include in your newsletter, print a QR code to your podcast on flyers and brochures. 
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Team Training 

Do you want to add a Capsule Podcast (or two...or three) to your marketing strategy? Do you want to produce your podcast in-house, in a way that is cost effective and gives you complete creative control? It's absolutely possible.

You can bring your vision to life.

You can tailor a podcast strategy for your business, without the limitations and restrictions of a retainer holding you back.

You can build podcast management and production capacity on your own team.

If you are growing a team and want to build internal capacity for Capsule Podcast production, let's talk. Capsule Podcast offers shoulder-to-shoulder training and consulting support for business owners who would like to train support staff on:

  • Managing the production process including researching and scheduling guests
  • Editing audio files and skills for working with external editors
  •  Preparing executive summaries and show notes
  • Overseeing podcast distribution
  • Creating social media, email and other related marketing materials to promote the podcast
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 Have a GREAT Idea for a Podcast?

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