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Do you want to launch a podcast for your brand, nonprofit, or community group?Unsure how to start?🎙The 6 episode Capsule Podcast framework was designed with you in mind.I founded Capsule Podcast in 2020 to create a framework for small businesses, authors and nonprofits to reap all of the rewards of podcasting without the grind and expense of a weekly show.How? It's simple, start with a 6 episode season. Rest. Rinse, repeat.As a podcast producer, I've designed and produced podcasts for dozens of B2B and B2C brands ranging from Integrity Solutions, founded in 1968, to Hardcover Cook, a subscription cooking box start up out of the Bay area.As an editorial director of podcasting for WebMD/Medscape, I direct condition-specific series for designed for busy healthcare practitioners.Every single series I produce from small start-ups to large media companies, uses the 6 episode season structure.Why do I believe in a 6 Episode Capsule Podcast Structure?🎯 6 Episodes per quarter (12 weeks) is a fantastic cadence for your listener🎯 Podcasting should complement your existing marketing or communications plan, not overwhelm it.🎯 Basic podcast production is a skill your team can add to it's toolbox with an investment of about 10 hours of professional development and the right tools + coaching.